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Norwegian product CornerTape is voted ‘Invention of the Year’ in France

lianprizeThe Norwegian invention CornerTape, which launched in 2007, has just won the prestigious French inventors’ award, the Brico d' Or 2008.

Frank Lian, an inventor from Bergen in Norway, together with the Norwegian company Tape Invent AS, which set up a factory in Vadheim last year, have just won the prestigious French award for ‘Invention of the Year’. The 17 members of the award jury were in complete agreement when they chose CornerTape as the winner.

Won two awards
The French trade publication Brico Jardin sponsors the annual Brico d' Or award, in which building-related inventions within six categories compete for the title of ‘Invention of the Year’. Journalists from the trade press and buyers from the largest building supply chains in France make up the jury. "First we won the award for our category and then we scooped the award for ‘Invention of the Year,’ explains Frank Lian. The inventor attended the award ceremony, which took place on board a boat moored just 50 metres from the Notre Dame in Paris.

CornerTape won the following awards:

1. In the category for timesaving products that make existing jobs easier, the Gold Brico for the "ease of use" category.
2. The principal award for the ‘Invention of the Year’, Great Prize of Brico d’Or.

"Brico d' Or 2008 was awarded to a Norwegian product, CornerTape, which is absolutely brilliant at helping you to joint tiles like a pro", the jury declared.