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To complement the range of products, CornerTape now also offers a high quality sealant gun for frequent use. For standard size cartridges.



Many professionals still prefer to make their silicone joints with spatulas. The existing spatulas on the market were in such a poor shape that our inventor considered it necessary to improve them considerably. After a lot of sketches, test productions and material considerations, the Product Development Department came up with 4 different spatulas; Two squares incl. 8 different sized angles, 1 thick triangle which scoops up excess sealant when smoothing down the sealant bead, and last but not least – a thin triangle to access the corners properly.

NB! These spatulas require skill, practice and an even bead of sealant.



It has proved very difficult to remove all traces of sealants and caulk from uneven surfaces. This resulted in the production of the Residue Remover. This brass-plated steel wire brush will eliminate the residual sealants and grout from uneven surfaces.

It does not damage ceramic tiles, but do be careful around bathtubs and other delicate surfaces.



The Silicone Remover, with its three features, was very well received in the market when it first came. It is very efficient and very easy to use, and if filed it can be reused several times. But the professional segment wanted yet a longer lasting edition of the Silicone Remover. After many months of testing different materials and combinations we are proud to present the Silicone & Grout Remover. In high quality knife steel, it is of even longer duration. And with the included sharpening stone, it soon became the professional’s favourite removal tool. It does not damage ceramic tiles, but do be careful around bathtubs and other delicate surfaces.



Press Releases

CornerTape in cultural centre

CornerTape used in building the cultural centre in Eid


The construction company Åsen & Øvrelid AS used CornerTape when building the upper secondary school and cultural centre in Eid. CornerTape was used for masking window linings and the feedback was very positive.


"We tended to use the smaller tape but occasionally also needed the larger sizes for different areas," says Bjørn Helge Solheim, the craftsman who carried out the job. "Compared with ordinary masking tape, CornerTape can save you up to one hour per 25 metres. It was also really easy to use. I did nearly 400 metres of jointing, and the time saved by using CornerTape was a real advantage, and of course it’s always great when the finish is perfect."



Opera - Eid

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Invention of the Year 2008

Norwegian product CornerTape is voted ‘Invention of the Year’ in France

lianprizeThe Norwegian invention CornerTape, which launched in 2007, has just won the prestigious French inventors’ award, the Brico d' Or 2008.

Frank Lian, an inventor from Bergen in Norway, together with the Norwegian company Tape Invent AS, which set up a factory in Vadheim last year, have just won the prestigious French award for ‘Invention of the Year’. The 17 members of the award jury were in complete agreement when they chose CornerTape as the winner.

Won two awards
The French trade publication Brico Jardin sponsors the annual Brico d' Or award, in which building-related inventions within six categories compete for the title of ‘Invention of the Year’. Journalists from the trade press and buyers from the largest building supply chains in France make up the jury. "First we won the award for our category and then we scooped the award for ‘Invention of the Year,’ explains Frank Lian. The inventor attended the award ceremony, which took place on board a boat moored just 50 metres from the Notre Dame in Paris.

CornerTape won the following awards:

1. In the category for timesaving products that make existing jobs easier, the Gold Brico for the "ease of use" category.
2. The principal award for the ‘Invention of the Year’, Great Prize of Brico d’Or.

"Brico d' Or 2008 was awarded to a Norwegian product, CornerTape, which is absolutely brilliant at helping you to joint tiles like a pro", the jury declared.


Cornertape Activities in 2010roadshow

DATE                 ACTIVITY                                  COUNTRY

January                       Stone Expo                                                  Belgium

February                     Int. Hardware Fair                                       Germany

March                          Byggemesse                                               Denmark
March                          True Value Spring Market                          USA
March                          Roadshow                                                    England

April                             Roadshow True Value                               USA

May                              National Hardware show                          USA






In the Media

Cornertape in the mediagoerdetselv

CTA. Press release. "Tile & Stone Exhibition" Tiling Competition Winners used CornerTape: click here (pdf-file) In English.
Article in Byggaktuelt about CornerTape at the BATIMAT fair in Paris november 2009: click here (pdf-file) Issued 12/2009. In Norwegain.
CornerTape reviewed in the Danish "Gør Det Selv" magazine: click here (external link). In Danish.
Join CornerTape on Facebook: click here (external link).
Dansk Radio (Danish Radio) August 24th 2009: "Gør det selv" (Do it yourself): click here to watch (external link). The presentation of CornerTape starts at 05:30. The presenter is not doing it as it states on the box - but still with a perfect result. In Danish.
Innovasjon Norge (Innovation Norway) reported on the Product of the Year award: click here (external link). In Norwegian.